Barry Weissman will be the Guest on Mediator Confidential

  • June 19, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • The MPME Mediator Confidential Webinar


     The MPME webinar, Mediator Confidential takes place every third Tuesday of the month from 12 PM – 1 PM.  This webinar's announcement and instructions on how to join will be sent in a blast e-mail one week in advance by MACRO as well as by MCDR.  Please join in!

History:  Cheryl Jamison and Lou Gieszl started Mediator Confidential in 2012, and now Heather Fogg facilitates the one hour phone call for Maryland mediators to anonymously discuss issues/situations they may have had with their mediation practice where they would like suggestions or feedback from other mediators, or to pose a question to fellow mediators that they would like to discuss.  The call is primarily driven by the topics/situations that the callers bring from their own practice.  

Your Facilitator:  Heather Fogg has been facilitating the first half of the program as usual, with callers bringing in their own situations, about any topic, for discussion. The second half of the call is then used to talk about the specific topic of the day, with guests on the call speaking to their experience and asking callers about their own.

Webinar Guest:  Barry Weissman, Treasurer of MCDR and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) will be at the webinar to answer questions relating to the business of mediating.  Over the past several years Barry has offered a very well received master class through MCDR:  Building Your Professional Practice:  A Workshop.  The workshop can act as an in depth follow-up to this webinar and will be offered later in July.  Questions will be taken relating to all aspects of starting a mediation practice and growing that practice.

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MCDR is the oldest membership-based organization in Maryland dedicated to promoting the use of mediation and supporting

the mediation profession.  We have a proud history of successfully advocating for allowing multiple professions to practice mediation,

halting attempts to restrict the practice some fifteen years ago.  MCDR is the first organization to establish performance based criteria

now in use as a national model, part of an ongoing dialogue on quality assurance and mediator credentials.

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