2020 MCDR Officers & Board Members

Executive Committee

David Lewis, Esq., IMI Certified and Charles Franklin, P.E., Co-Presidents

Monette Goodridge, LMSW, Vice President

Merry Lymn, Esq., Secretary

Barry M. Weissman, CDFA, Treasurer

Board Members

Ramona Buck, FMCS and Thom McCloud, Esq., Certification Committee Chairs

Janne E. Weissman, SPHR, Membership Committee Chairperson

LaVerne Day, Programs Committee Chairperson

Stirling Phillips, Esq., Mentoring Committee Chairperson

Liz Salter, MHSA, Board Member at Large

Cecilia "Ceecee" Paizs, Esq. Bar Bench Liaison

Special Advisor to the Board of Directors

Edie Guidice

Stirling Phillips, Esq., Immediate Past President


2019 MCDR Officers & Board Members

Executive Committee

Stirling Phillips, Esq.  President

Monette Goodridge, LMSW  Vice-President

Merry Lymn, Esq.  Secretary

Barry M. Weissman, CDFA  Treasurer

Committee Chairs

Ramona Buck, FMCS & Thom McCloud, J.D., Certification Committee Co-Chairs

Janne E. Weissman, SPHR, Membership Committee Chair

David Lewis, Esq., IMI Certified, Programs Committee Chair

Board Member at Large

Liz Salter, MHSA


2018 MCDR Officers & Board Members

Stirling Phillips, Esq., President

Charles Franklin, P.E., Vice-President

Dina Gold, Secretary   

Barry Weissman, CDFA, Treasurer

Kate Cullen, Certification Committee Chairperson

James Boyle, Programs Committee Chairperson

Liz Salter, MHSA and Janne E. Weissman, SPHR, Membership Committee Co-Chairs

Board Members at Large

Shelley Korch, Esq., Board Member at Large  

 Liz Salter, MHSA, Board Member at Large

Janne E. Weissman, SPHR, Board Member at Large

Bar-Bench Liason

Solomon Bankole

Maile Beers-Arthur & Tim Stranges, Immediate Past Co-Presidents


2017 MCDR Officers & Board Members

Maile Beers-Arthur & Tim Stranges, Co-Presidents

Thomas McCloud, Esq., Vice President

Barry Weissman, CDFA, Treasurer

Shelley Korch, Esq., Secretary

Dina Gold, Esq., Assistant Secretary

Elizabeth Johnson, Marketing & Outreach Committee

Monette Goodridge, LMSW, Programs Committee

Ellen Kandell & Kate Cullen, Certification Committee

Barry Weissman, CDFA, Membership Committee

Board Members at Large

Anne Hilb

Rob Ketcham

Stirling Phillips

Harold Cohen, Immediate Past President


2016 MCDR Officers & Board Members

Harold Cohen, President

Tim Stranges, Vice President

Shelley Korch, Secretary

Bob Mueller, Assistant Secretary

Barry Weissman, Treasurer

 Barbara Williams, Certification Committee Chairperson

David Zoll, Marketing & Outreach Chairperson

Ed Ketchen, Programs Co-Chairperson

Edie Guidice, Programs Co-Chairperson

Board Members at Large

Rob Ketcham, Board Member At-Large

Thomas McCloud, Board Member At-Large

Maile Beers-Arthur, Board Member At-Large

Lisa Battalia, Immediate Past President

We Fondly Remember: 

Roger Wolf

Stanley Rodbell

Sharon M. Pickett

 Ozzie Bermant

Lili Bermant

Sarah Childs Grebe

Sharon M. Pickett




Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution
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 Professionals in Conflict Resolution
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     MCDR is the oldest membership-based organization in Maryland dedicated to promoting the use of mediation and supporting

the mediation profession.  We have a proud history of successfully advocating for allowing multiple professions to practice mediation,

halting attempts to restrict the practice some fifteen years ago.  MCDR is the first organization to establish performance based criteria

now in use as a national model, part of an ongoing dialogue on quality assurance and mediator credentials.

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