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ADA Mediation Guidelines

Americans with Disabilities Act

American Arbitration Association

The American Arbitration Association (AAA), the world's leading provider of conflict management and dispute resolution services.

American Society for Training and Development

This is a large, professional association for trainers and organizational development specialists.

Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)

Formerly known as the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution(SPIDR), ACR has recently merged with the Academy of Family Mediators and the Conflict Resolution Education Network.

Center for Dispute Settlement (CDS)

The Center for Dispute Resolution provides a full range of alternative dispute resolution services, among them mediation, training, facilitation, and the design of systems for resolving disputes.

Community Conferencing Center
The Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore is an innovative community justice program that provides victims, offenders and their respective supporters with a safe, effective way to resolve crimes and conflicts themselves. The Community Conferencing Center offers conferencing for a variety of crimes and conflicts. Please read more at our site.

Conflict Analysis & Resolution Bookshelf
This website has a list of links in other conflict resolution areas, including environmental, international, peace/justice studies and academic programs.

District of Columbia Superior Court Multi-Door Dispute Resolution

The Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division is the dispute resolution center for the D.C. Superior Court. There are four primary programs administered by Multi-Door: Small Claims Mediation Program; Family Mediation Program; Civil Dispute Resolution Program (mediation, arbitration, case evaluation); and Community and Family Information and Referral Center.

Howard County Collaborative Professionals

Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group (IADRWG)
The Working Group was established to coordinate, promote, and facilitate the effective use of dispute resolution processes within Federal agencies as mandated by the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996 and White House Presidential Memorandum.

Justice Center of Atlanta (JCA)
Offers mediation training, program development, and group facilitation to relieve the emotional, interpersonal and financial costs of conflict, wherever it occurs, as rapidly as possible.

Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA)

Mediation And Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO)
MACRO is an agency of the Maryland Judiciary, created and chaired by the Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals.  MACRO serves as a dispute resolution resource for the state, supports innovative conflict resolution programs, and promotes appropriate dispute resolution in every field.  MACRO works collaboratively with stakeholders statewide to establish, expand, and evaluate conflict resolution services and education in courts, communities, schools, state and local government agencies, criminal and juvenile justice programs, family service programs, and businesses; and to promote quality assurance in mediation throughout Maryland.  MACRO also serves as an information clearinghouse for the public, increasing public awareness and providing information and assistance on the use and benefits of mediation and other conflict resolution processes.  The most visited conflict resolution site on the internet.  A valuable internet resource for mediators, attorneys and organizations.

Mediators of Color Alliance (MOCA)
A formal network of mediators of color formed for the purpose of supporting and advancing their interests in the Dispute Resolution field.

Northern Virginia Mediation Services (NVMS)
Northern Virginia Mediation Service is the regional community mediation center for Northern Virginia. During 1998 NVMS celebrated it's first decade as a community institution and as an affiliate of a number of area institutions including GMU's Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution.

Common Ground 
This is an international non-profit organization that works on conflict projects throughout the world.

Shared Neutrals Program (SN)
Federal government mediators
Washington, DC
Peg Porter- Program Manager


Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution
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 Professionals in Conflict Resolution
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     MCDR is the oldest membership-based organization in Maryland dedicated to promoting the use of mediation and supporting

the mediation profession.  We have a proud history of successfully advocating for allowing multiple professions to practice mediation,

halting attempts to restrict the practice some fifteen years ago.  MCDR is the first organization to establish performance based criteria

now in use as a national model, part of an ongoing dialogue on quality assurance and mediator credentials.

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